SD Charity Geek mission is to highlight the many things being done by geeks and nerds in South Dakota to help out the community. In particular, Cosplay groups that raise money and awareness for charity will be the focus of this blog. Additionally, various charity events are happening around the state (although mostly in Sioux Falls), which have geek connections. This blog will be used to bring attention to those events and to the great work done by the geeks and nerds of SD to make the world a better place.

Ken Santema started this blog. Ken is currently in remission after going through chemotherapy in his cancer battle against follicular lymphoma. Since his cancer diagnosis, he started blogging at Dad Against Cancer. He has also reconnected with his inner-geek that had been suppressed for years.

Future plans for this blog include bringing in other post authors. There are a lot of geeks and nerds doing good in SD, and this site will give them another way to highlight what various groups are doing. Additionally, there will be a podcast added in the next few months. These podcasts will highlight what I like to call geek superheroes.

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