Today is the day! SiuoxperCONLINE will kick off at 10:00AM today! The con has everything you could possibly want. I have been looking forward to this for weeks and I think the crew over at SiouxperCon have lined up one helluva virtual event,

There are is going to be video game tournaments running throughout the weekend. On Saturday there will be Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers. For Sunday there are Madden and NBA 2K tournaments.

Lets not forget the board and RPG gaming. On Saturday there will be virtual RPG gaming with board games on Sunday.

One of my favorite parts of cons is the COSPLAY! Today the virtual cosplay contest will take place. I can’t wait to see this years entries! Tomorrow there will be a special panel with the Best in Show winner.

There are tons of guests attending the con! I’ve highlighted a few of them on this site (but thanks to tech issues I wasn’t able to get to all the guests.) When I say there are a ton, that is no exaggeration. I think the last time I looked, there were over 35 guests attending. That is a lot of guests! I know they have been getting Q&A’s setup with the guests and have been looking forward to what more than a few of them have to say.

What would a con be without artists and vendors? SiuoxperCONLINE has them. I would definitely check them out, I’ve seen some pretty cool CON specials browsing through the vendors!

Finally, we come to my absolute favorite part of cons: live panels! Today there are live panels featuring the Sioux Falls Batman, Empire Comics Press, The SD Ghostbusters (I’m one of them!), and the Sioux Falls Nerfherders! Every one of these panels should be a blast!

Today I planned to live-blog during the con, I’m not sure though how much of that I’m going to be able to. Earlier this week I cut/broke two fingers in a crazy lawnmower accident and typing is a little laborious right now. We’ll see how it goes.

No matter what through I would urge everyone to attend SiouxperCONLINE. Not only is it a great nerd/geek event, it helps out some great charities!

PS. Yes this site has been having issues, I think all the bugs have been worked out. Technology can be a pain in the arse sometimes.

PPS. Eight Stitches between the two fingers.

Song of the Day: The Final Countdown

Go time is almost here!

Bonus Song: Groot

OK, Groot isn’t the song, but originally this years SiouxperCon was going to have a Guardians of the Galaxy theme. So I though it would be great to play four of the greatest minutes in cinematic history!

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