Earlier this month, SiouxperCONLINE announced Magdeline Vissagio as a guest at this year’s con. Vissagio has written comic stories for DC, Marvel, Valiant, Dark Horse, and IDW. One of her comics, Vagrant Queen, was adopted into a SyFy series. I haven’t read a lot of her work, so this post will probably be pretty short. 

Vagrant Queen

Vissagio is the writer of the Vagrant Queen comics published by Vault. Since I’m a massive fan of the titles put out by Vault, I decided it was better to read this story from Visaggio instead of a story from one of the big publishers. So far, I’ve only read the first issue, but I can say I like it. This issue reminds me of a classic space sci-fi type of story. The humor and situations in the book remind me of the old Space Quest games from Sierra (hopefully I’m not the only one who remembers those). It also seems like a pretty solid beginning to a story. When I find the time, I’ll finish reading the series. SyFy also happened to make a 10 episode TV series based upon the Vagrant Queen comic. I think it is pretty cool SiouxperCONLINE has a guest comic writer with a relatively recent book that became adapted into a TV series.

Transformers vs. The Visionaries

Visionaries promo from Hasbro for the action figures back in the mid ’80s.

The Transformers/Visionaries crossover is actually where I have read Vissagio’s work before. I just didn’t realize it until just now after I looked at what she has written. Before going on, I will say that I loved this series as a Visionaries book. But not so much as a Transformers book. I was warned about this title ahead of time and went into reading this as if it was a modern story featuring The Visionaries. Going in with that mindset is a must for this book. Reading this going in as a Transformers fan will probably leave you disappointed…

Having said all that. As a Visionaries story, I think Vissagio did great updating an old cartoon that few us remember anymore. Personally, I barely remember watching the cartoon, and only because of the cool animal magic thing the knights have going on. Vissagio wrote a story that showed the complicated relationship between the Visionaries factions. I would love to see more Visionaries stories, as long as the Transformers avoid becoming a backdrop.

Vissagio’s Q&A should be interesting.

I think it is pretty cool Vissagio wrote a series that became adapted into a TV series. Hopefully, at her Q&A, she will speak at least about what it’s like to see her work brought to the small screen. Plus, she is a human Start Trek lexicon. So maybe we’ll get to hear some interesting Star Trek trivia from her.

Song of the Day: Star Trekkin’

Since Vissagio is a Star Trek trivia buff, I thought this song from The Firm was appropriate as the song of the day (or song of the post, since I’ve written multiple today?)

Bonus Song: The Visionaries Opening Theme

I can’t do this post without including the opening theme for The VIsionaries. After seeing this clip on YouTube, I remember more about the show. Maybe I’ll have to binge-watch this short-lived cartoon from my childhood on YouTube.

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