Travis Nye showing off his cool business the Spellbound Magic Shop & Theater

Veteran SiouxperCon magician Travis Nye is one of the announced guests for SiouxperCONLINE. Even though I am perhaps a bit of a comic geek, I think cons like this sometimes fail to get enough non-comic guests. Luckily this con is getting a good number of other cool guests. And what is cooler than a magician?

Last year, I spoke with Nye briefly as he set up a nails bed to perform a stunt. The guy is super sharp and knows some extraordinary card tricks. One of my sons is still trying to figure out how he did one trick. Maybe my son should take one of Nye’s classes available through his business Spellbound Magic Shop & Theater

Instead of blabbing on about how good Nye is, I’ll share this promo video he shared on YouTube a couple of years ago:

Wow, that is crazy (in a good way). Not only is Nye a great magician, but he does stunts that make you cringe. I mean, who can lay on a bed of nails, hold a piece of concrete on their chest, and have someone smash that cement with a sledgehammer? Apparently, Nye can.

During SiouperCONLINE, Nye will have a panel with podcast guru Robert Mehling. Maybe Robert can find out what makes Nye want to do those crazy yet cool stunts.

Song of the Day: A Kind of Magic

I’m always looking for a reason to play Queen. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Bonus Song: Under Pressure

Yes, this is another Queen song. But this is Under Pressure as featured on The Magicians and performed by the cast.

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