As I continue through my posts about the guests attending SiouperCONLINE, we come to a comic artist whose books I look forward to reading. A couple of weeks ago, SiouperCONLINE announced Harvey Award-winning creator Trevor Mueller as a guest. Mueller is the author of the award-winning webcomic Albert the Alien. Plus, Mueller has a variety of comics he created, most of which I find intriguing. 

Albert the Alien

Albert the Alien is a long-running webcomic created and written by Mueller. I just got done reading the first few issues of this webcomic and found it a very fun comic. For anyone looking for something appropriate for kids, I would send them to this comic. I think middle-school kids, or even younger, would love to follow an alien student’s adventures at a typical earth school (well, typical pre-COVID). Each story has plenty of action. Plus, there are lessons to be learned with each issue. The series has a whole The Magic School Bus vibe going on. That is meant as a compliment, as think kids reading Albert the Alien could be entertained and learn useful life lessons just as well as children did back in the day watching The Magic School Bus. 

A variety of cool original comic titles

Samples of what Mueller has in his Deluxe Preview Edition. Image from

While I think Albert the Alien is great, it is some of the other titles Mueller has listed on his site that has me intrigued. In particular in his store he has a Deluxe Preview Edition collecting the first chapter of some new titles and reprints of earlier self-published titles. Here is what I am seeing listed in this edition:

  • Consumer
  • Beyond the Pillars
  • The Witches of E Wick BLVD
  • Los Ojos
  • Junkyard Chase
  • The Fan

I looked at the description for each of the above titles. These stories seem to be a cool mix of sci-fi and horror. Each story also appears to be action-packed. Consumer is probably the title that has me most intrigued, as it deals with a virtual entertainment tool gone wrong, very wrong.

Beyond the Pillars also has me intrigued. This title intrigues me mostly because it isn’t often a dishonorably discharged Vietnam soldier is the main character of a comic. That is especially true when the fate of the world seems to be at stake.

Looking forward to Mueller’s Q&A

Trevor, of course, will be participating in a Q&A session for SiouxperCON. I look forward to what he has to say. Mueller appears to be a comic creator focused on a quality story that is fun to read. I’d like to hear about his storytelling approach and if he aims different stories at kids or adults. Plus, I notice he will be promoting his deluxe preview edition, which I hope to snag.

Song of the Day: The Magic School Bus Theme

Not to date me, but this show came after my time. But even I know this show enough to remember its theme song.

Bonus Song: Fortunate Son

Since Mueller has a Vietnam connection with one of his titles, I couldn’t help but get Good Morning Vietnam stuck in my head. Plus, I am always up for playing some CCR.

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