Transformers/Ghostbusters: Ghosts of Cybertron issue number 5. Cool alternate cover by Evan Stanley. Signed by the writer Erik Burnham.

Erik Burnham that’s who! Burnham is one of the great guests SiouxperCONLINE has arranged to participate in this years virtual con. He is the talented comic book writer that has been handling TMNT and the Ghostbusters for the last decade or so. Plus he has a dang good comic strip that I think most geeks and nerds would really appreciate.


 Admittedly I’m a massive fan of Burnham for his work as a writer of the Ghostbusters comics for IDW. I am a Ghostbusters fanboy (even a member of the SD Ghostbusters) and comic geek. I will admit I avoided reading the IDW comics for several years because of my love for both comics and Ghostbusters. It seems too many fandoms I loved as a child, and still love, have been ruined by writers completely changing everything about what made that particular fandom so great. Luckily last year, I finally read some of the IDW comics, and I now can say I am a massive fan of Burnham’s writing. He treats the Ghostbusters franchise with respect and doesn’t seem to have a ‘lets rebuilt the wheel’ mentality. Most importantly, Burnham’s humor is dead on and matches what I would expect from a Ghostbusters product.

My favorite IDW Ghostbusters project is by far Transformers/Ghostbusters: Ghosts of Cybertron. All five issues were outstanding. Plus, it was a great crossover with two of my favorite fandoms. Actually, the first comic’s opening scene in this series is one of the best/funniest things I’ve ever read. I won’t give it away, but I will say Gozer going to Cybertron led to a perfect scene. All five issues are fun, and it was a cool introduction to Ectotron as a team member.

Last year I was able to get all of the comics in the Transformers/Ghostbusters series signed by Burnham. He also signed the comic shown in this post. It is an excellent alternate cover by Evan Stanley and features a Ghostbuster Optimus Prime on the cover. This cover has inspired me to create this in cosplay (I have the helmet printed, mostly, but I have time to finish it before in-person cons start again).

Comic strip.

Burnham has a lot of cool comic projects on his resume. But I must admit my current favorite non-Ghostbusters project from him is a comic strip. The Down Side is published on his Patreon account and on twitter a month or so later. Here is one of the comic strips he has published:

I really think think this is a comic strip all geeks and nerds can appreciate.

What will Burnham have to say?

I look forward to what Burnham has to say during this Q&A for SiouxperCONLINE. Personally, I want to know if there are any other crossover comics planned for Ghostbusters. So far, I have read and love the Transformers/Ghostbusters and TMNT/Ghostbusters crossovers. If I had to choose a crossover, I would love a Doctor Who/Ghostbusters series, especially with Doctor number 5.

Song of the Day: Ghostbusters

Of course I have to do a Ghostbusters song in a post where Ghostbusters was the main focus. Instead of the version we all know and love, I thought I would share this version released by Heavy Metal Heroes.

Bonus Song: Transformers

Since I now have Optimus Prime in my head, I have to play a transformers song. Actually, this song is from the ’86 movie. I still remember how much it rocked to see that movie in the theater!

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