Earlier this week, I noted that I would do posts highlighting some of the guests attending SiouxperCONLINE. There is no better place to start than with the SiouxPerCon’s announcement of Dan Jurgens as a guest. Jurgens is probably best known as the man who killed Superman back in the early ’90s. This post will highlight a few Jurgens’ extended career areas of which I am a fan. 

The Man Who Killed Superman

Admittedly I am somewhat more of a Marvel fanboy. But once in a while I would find a reason to check out DC titles. In the early ’90s, Jurgens and a few other writers came up with a Superman crossover that had me reading various DC titles. It was a well-produced storyline, and I still have every crossover issue in my collection. Of course, like many others, I also have multiple copies of Superman 75.

Over the years, many people have tried to tell me the death of Superman was nothing more than a publicity stunt by DC. While I do believe DC would do such a thing, I never thought that rang true. Jurgens and crew put a lot of work into a well-written story. Plus, Jurgens created great characters, most notably in Doomsday, that continue to be important in comics. Many comic book writers have tried to recreate what Jurgens did in Superman’s death, but I really don’t feel any have come close to what he was able to achieve.

Captain America

Artwork done of me as Captain America during SiouxperCon in 2019. It has nothing to do with Dan Jergens, but I like his run a writer on Cap and wanted to show this off.

In the early 2000s, Jurgens was the writer for Captain America for a couple of years. It’s an essential run for Captain America. As a writer, Jurgens seemed to return the title to being more of an old-school superhero comic, something I can appreciate. The stories seemed focused on the good guy (Cap) fighting the latest bad guy (usually Nazi or AIM). To me, this is where Marvel comics used to excel way back in the day, and Jergens seemed to be giving a hat tip to the days of yesteryear. I also liked this run of Cap comics for how Jurgens treated Falcon. Sometimes, I felt writers undervalued Falcon over the years, but I never felt that way from Dan’s writing.

Secret Origins

One Jurgens website, there is a section called Secret Origins. I highly recommend any comic geek check out this page. It is a collection of exciting artwork and concept tidbits from Jurgens. One of the tidbits is some early Doomsday drawings, and even notes highlighting what Jurgens felt were important when creating the character. 

Typically when I think of Jurgens, I think of his work as a writer. This little secret origins section of his website is a good reminder that he is also an artist. Realistically we shouldn’t forget he is an artist because he seems to have also been an artist on many of the titles he has written for, including the Superman and Captain America runs I mentioned earlier in this post.

Looking forward to Jergens Q&A

SiouxperCONLINE is asking questions to be submitted for Brian to ask of Jurgens during the Q&A. It should be an exciting session. I mean, how can you go wrong having the man who killed Superman as a guest? 

Song of the Day: Kryptonite

How can I write about Superman without getting this song from 3 Doors Down in my head?

Bonus Song: Holding Out For A Hero

For the bonus song, its time to go back to the ’80s. Not only is this a great 80’s music video relic, but the song also beckons back to a day when superheroes were actual heroes…

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