2020 has been a rough year for cons. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most cons have canceled, rescheduled, or are “pending.” The good news, however, is that online conventions are becoming a thing. Next Saturday and Sunday (April 25 & 26), there will be Mainframe Comic Con coming out of Chicago. It appears to be a fully operational con, just done online!

The con has some great guests. I’m sure anyone reading this can recognize most, if not all, of the guests in this promo graphic for the con:

Mainframe Comic Con promo graphic.

Looking at the Mainframe website, I see this con has pretty much everything you would expect. Here is what I see being offered at the con:

  • Guests. There will be live video feeds of entertainment and comic guests! There is a schedule of events on their website.
  • Exhibitors. I think this is likely just links to various exhibitors’ eCommerce pages. Kind of a cool way for exhibitors to keep going while regular cons are down.
  • Artist Alley. You can’t have a con without artist alley. There are some pretty cool artists listed. I love the Star Wars stuff showing for Kayla Woodside!
  • Cosplay! They are taking submissions for cosplay! Over the last couple of months, I’ve seen a lot of a virtual cosplay. This con is another excellent avenue for those missing the cosplay aspect of cons!

If I find time this week, I hope to look deeper at this con and maybe do another post or two. Regardless, I plan to attend the con next weekend and enjoy some of the great guests. What cool way to keep cons going!

Song of the Day: Max Headroom

Hopefully, it doesn’t age me to pick a song featuring Max Headroom. But, when I think of a virtual con, I can’t help but picture Max Headroom. Here is the music video The Art of Noise did featuring Max.

Bonus Song: Rockit

Watching the above video made this crazy video from Herbie Hancock come to mind. This video is truly one of the more interesting 80’s artifacts from my youth of watching MTV.

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