I’ve had a few people contact me to ask if I knew anything about local South Dakota hospitals in need of masks for healthcare works. Many cosplayers have sewing skills that are ideally suited for making healthcare masks. Unfortunately, I am in quarantine, so I hadn’t looked into it. I can’t find anything for Sanford, but I see Avera has a blog post asking people to make health care masks. In this post, I will focus on South Dakota hospitals. For anyone reading this post from elsewhere, I would recommend checking with local healthcare providers and local cosplay/sewing groups. 

Avera’s mask program

Sample mask provided in Avera’s blog post.

All of the information about Avera’s mask program can be found on this Avera website blog post. Avera does include a mask design they are asking people to follow. According to the blog post, single ply cotton-blend T-shirt material works best. The shirt should be newer and not worn or tattered. Quilting cotton is also mentioned as a choice of fabric. They also include information on creating elastic bands or fabric ties. 

If you or someone in your family decides to make masks, I probably wouldn’t just make them. I would contact the nearest facility on the blog post and ask if they are still in need. Also, ask how the masks can be delivered. The post mentions that at least twenty-five masks have to be completed to be accepted.

M5: Moms for Medical Mask Mass Manufacturing

While researching this post, I found a Facebook group called M5: Moms for Medical Mask Mass Manufacturing. This group looks like an excellent resource for anyone looking into making the masks. It is heartwarming looking at the finished products the mask makers are creating for healthcare workers. It reinforces my belief that the world is full of good-hearted people. 

3D printed masks

I belong to a couple of 3D printing groups that have been working non-stop to print masks and face shields. I have not found anything in South Dakota about healthcare providers asking for this. If anyone knows of healthcare facilities in need of 3D printed masks or face shields, let me know! I’ll pass the info on in this blog, and probably make some. Actually, today I’m going to attempt printing a couple of different designs to test them out.

Contact local healthcare providers if you wish to help

I wish I had more information here. But to anyone looking to makes masks or similar items for healthcare workers, I would suggest contacting those facilities. They may or may not have a need. If you find a healthcare facility in need, please pass that on to other people. There may be another way you can help as well. The only way to be sure is to ask.

Song of the day – Family Hands

This song from Mary Chapin Carpenter seems to fit the topic of making masks for healthcare workers, both in a literal and figurative sense. The following is a beautiful song by a great singer.

Bonus song: House of the Rising Sun

I can’t talk about sewing without singing, “My mother was a tailor, she sewed my new blue jeans.” With that said, here is an outstanding live version of the song by Eric Burden and the Animals from almost ten years ago.

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