Times are getting crazy, but that doesn’t mean we have to act crazy! During times like this, it is more important than ever to look out not just for yourself and your family; it is also essential to help friends, neighbors, or anyone else who needs it. Recently the South Dakota Ghostbusters shared the following post:

I think the above post does a great job of highlighting what the charity groups are all about: helping others in need. Yes, we dress up as characters in public. But to me, that isn’t an essential part of charity cosplay. Charity cosplay is about helping others. In this case, it is a charity cosplay group offering to help others out with essential items they may be short on during this global panic.

I would urge anyone reading this that requires help to reach out. There are many ways to reach out for help in the modern world. Here are just a few ways I can think of:

  • Reach out on social media, such as Facebook. Just put a post out saying you require something. I’ve seen this happen recently and was quite pleased to see many people stepping up to help. Reaching out to charity groups (and charity cosplay groups) directly on Facebook can also get some great results.
  • Reach out to charity groups. There are a lot of charity groups out there. Pick a local charity group and call them on the phone. Even if they are unable to help, they may know of someone who can help with your particular need.
  • Call or text a friend or neighbor. This option should never be overlooked. Many people, such as myself, hate being a burden on others but will go out of our way to help others. If you require something, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. I’ve had to learn to do this myself and realize it’s not easy.
  • Contact me. I can be contacted through this site or Facebook. If you require anything, let me know. I will see if someone I know can help you out!

The main thing: if you have a dire need, please reach out for help!

On the other end, I would urge everyone to reach out to friends and neighbors to make sure they are OK. There are people out there in need who are afraid to reach out for help. Just a simple phone call or Facebook message to them could be enough to get them to ask. With all this isolation, some people could feel lonely and depressed. That simple call or message may seem like nothing, but it might mean the world to someone feeling devastated by the isolation and fear of the unknown.

As I end this post, I want to reiterate that if you need help, please seek it out! Plus, please everyone check on their friends and neighbors. If we all look out for each other, this whole isolation thing won’t seem to last as long.

PS. I actually wrote this post two weeks ago. Apparently, I was so busy I forgot to hit publish after writing it. I did make some minor updates to it, and now it should be published. (well obviously it’s published if you are reading this)

Song of the Day: Care

I’ve been a huge Kid Rock fan for years. My favorite album of his is Born Free, which is more southern rock. On that album is a song I play and share quite often. It really sums up this post well. Usually I share the version with Angaleena Presley for the music video. This time I will share the album version with Martina McBride:

Bonus song: I’m Going to Love You Through It

Speaking of Martina McBride. I’ve got to admit this song makes me tear up a bit, probably because it is too close to my reality dealing with cancer. But I think using love to help neighbors and family out during times such as this is just as important.

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