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Voices Against Cancer announced another great guest earlier this week: none other than Bill Farmer, the official voice of Goofy! Farmer has been doing voice acting for over thirty years now. In this short post, I will highlight a few of my favorite voice roles from this legendary actor.

The voice of Goofy and Pluto

Goofy image copyright Disney, embedded from Wikimedia Commons.

In 1987 Farmer started doing the voice of Goofy. Three years later, he also became the voice of Pluto. Of the many Disney characters out there, I must admit I probably like Goofy the most. Goofy is a great role-model. He is generous and always optimistic. That is something I try to strive for myself. Yes, he is a bit goofy, but that makes him all the more appealing as a character. Recently I’ve rewatched A Goofy Movie. It’s incredible how much I can relate with the Goofy portrayed in that movie now that I am a dad myself. Farmer absolutely nailed his work in that movie!

Baldur’s Gate!

In the late 90’s Balders gate came out. As a gamer and D&D geek, I think this sis still one of the best fantasy RPG’s of all time. In Baulder’s Gate Farmer voiced Brunos, Irlentree, and Yeslick Orothiar among other voices. Actually, as I look at the list of voice actors in Baldur’s Gate, there are three others worth pointing out because they are also guests at Voices Against Cancer: Grey Griffith, Frank Welker, and Jim Cummings. Actually I just noticed Welker was the voice of Elminster! How did I miss that when looking through his bio.

Some great voice roles

Here are just a few of the voice roles Farmer has performed. As with the other voice actors announced for VAC, Farmer simply has too many voice roles to mention in one short post. It is interesting to note he has done a lot of voice acting for video games.

  • Space Jam: This is probably one of the most iconic animated movies of the ’90s. In this movie, Farmer voiced Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester, and Yosemite Sam!
  • Robocop: Ok, this wasn’t a voice acting job, but Farmer had a small role in the original Robocop as reporter Justin Ballard-Watkins. I think it is cool he was part of a classic sci-fi movie.
  • Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness: I loved the Quest for Glory games; actually, I probably owned all of the Sierra games from this era. In this game, Farmer performed the part of Leshy. It is interesting to note that another voice actor scheduled to be at Voices Against Cancer was also on the cast of this game. Jim Cummings, the voice of Darkwing Duck, played Boris Stovich and Hans in this game.

Plan to attend Voices Against Cancer

Somehow the organizers at Voices Against Cancer seem to keep announcing top voice acting talents. I think that’s great! We will get to meet some legendary voice actors while raising money for pediatric cancer. I think it also speaks volumes about these voice actors that they are willing to do an event in South Dakota to raise money used to battle pediatric cancer. Voices Against Cancer is setting up to be THE event of the year.

Video of the Day: Interview with Bill Farmer

This video has a pretty good interview with Bill Farmer. In this short video, we learn quite a bit about Farmer and his voices.

Bonus Video: Goofy singing

Here is a short scene from A Goofy Movie where Goofy gets to sing. The scene shows how Goofy is trying to be the best dad he can. I think many of us parents can relate to Goofy in this scene. A Goofy Movie is such a great movie!

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