Sioux Falls Batman. Image from the Dark Knight Entertainment Facebook page.

Yesterday I saw a post on the Dark Knight Entertainment Facebook page from the Sioux Falls Batman. For anyone unfamiliar with the Sioux Falls Batman, he is a cosplayer that goes to events in character to raise money for charity and bring joy to the lives of children. In particular, he has brought joy to the lives of children going through devastating health conditions such as cancer. Below is the live video he recorded yesterday. After the video, I will blog briefly about the news he released in his live cast. I wouldn’t recommend reading past the video below if you don’t want spoilers!

Video from Sioux Falls Batman

To view this video, click play below, or click here to view it on Facebook.

The big news

Last warning for spoilers!

For those of you that chose not to view the video, here is the big news from Sioux Falls Batman: he is moving to the east coast and will no longer be in Sioux Falls. On the east coast, the Sioux Falls Batman believes he can do more to help others.

He did note that Team Batman will exist in Sioux Falls and that he believes the local Team Batman members will keep up the great work. Some other heroes have helped Sioux Falls Batman in his mission, and he thinks they will do great going forward. I have to agree with him. During SiouxperCon, I met a few of the heroes and believe they will keep up the great work.

I will admit I don’t know the Sioux Falls Batman very well. It is only recently I decided to dedicate myself to cosplay and raising money for cancer-related charities (especially in the battle against pediatric cancer). But I did get to speak with him briefly at SiouxperCon last year. From that brief conversation, I got the impression that he takes his cosplay very seriously and sincerely hopes he can bring joy to the lives of some children going through genuinely horrible situations.

Beyond that, though, I know two families dealing with pediatric cancer. The Sioux Falls Batman did a tremendous job bringing joy to the two boys of those families battling against cancer. I am a self-proclaimed Marvel fanboy, but since seeing what the Sioux Falls Batman has done, I have become somewhat of a Batman fan now.

One last event in Sioux Falls

During the video, Sioux Falls Batman noted he would do one final event in the area: the Children’s Miracle Network telethon at the end of the month. That would be an excellent opportunity for everyone to say thank-you to him. Actually, I think the most excellent way to thank him would be to make a donation during the telethon (every little bit raised helps a lot!)

Song of the Day: Who’s the (Bat)Man

Yes, the Sioux Falls Batman’s cosplay is very serious. But I have to admit my favorite incarnation of Batman is actually Lego Batman! So today’s song will be from the LEGO Batman movie.

Bonus Song: Batdance

I can’t blog about Batman without including a video from my favorite of the live-action Batman movies. Plus, you can never have too much Prince in your life!

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