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Last week Voices Against Cancer (VAC) announced their fourth guest for the Voices Against Cancer Initiative event in Sioux Falls. This guest is none other than legendary voice actor Alan Oppenheimer. The other day I mentioned Megatron (voiced by Frank Welker) is my second favorite cartoon villain. Well, to me, the top spot for cartoon villain goes to Skeletor, which was masterfully voiced by Oppenheimer. In this brief post, I will share some acting and voice acting parts that make me a fan of Oppenheimer.

He-Man wouldn’t have been the same without Oppenheimer

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Like I said above, Skeletor is my favorite cartoon villain. I can’t even explain why. He had some great lines, and the exaggerated voice Oppenheimer did for Skeletor just fit so well with the show. Actually, when my brainfog was so bad going through chemo, I’ve used a line with my boys that Skeletor is famous for: “Never mind what I said, just do what I said!” Classic! Actually, Oppenheimer filled a lot of roles in the He-Man cartoon. It appears he also voiced Mer-Man, Man-At-Arms, Cringer, and Battle Cat. He had a lot to do with the success of the He-Man cartoon.

Acting and voice acting highlights

Oppenheimer has a long career in both acting and voice acting. Here are some roles he has filled I think are worth pointing out.

  • Chief Supervisor in Westworld. How can you go wrong with a western Sci-Fi movie! Yes, this is an old one, but I would recommend everyone watch it. An interesting tidbit about Oppenheimer’s role as Chief Supervisor is that his character is believed to be one of the first to mention computer viruses in a movie.
  • Falcor. The loveable Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story was voiced by none other than Oppenheimer. That was one of my favorite movies as a kid..
  • Ming the Merciless. Flash Gordon (now referred to as the New Adventure of Flash Gordon) was another favorite cartoon of mine growing. In this series, he played none other than Ming the Merciless. What a great villain role. He also voiced Dr. Hans Zarkov and Gundar the Desert Hawk.
  • Star Trek: TNG: Koroth. Oppenheimer has a long history of TV roles. But my favorite are his appearances on Star Trek shows. His appearance as Koroth in TNG was an exciting storyline. Playing a Klingon High Cleric that dares to clone Kahless sets up one heck of a situation. It is very cool Oppenheimer had a role to play in Klingon history.
  • Star Trek DS9: Captain Keogh. As Keogh, he led a team to rescue Sisko from captivity by the Dominion. Sadly his character died when a Jem’Hadar vessel took out his ship.
  • Star Trek Voyager: Nezu Ambassador. In this role, Oppenheimer’s character had to convince Voyage to save his homeworld, which was being bombarded by asteroids.

Skeletor and Star Trek: can’t go wrong

I am looking forward to meeting the voice behind Skeletor. The fact he has played multiple roles in the Star Trek universe is just icing on the cake. Part of me is hanging on the edge of my seat, wondering who will be the next guest announced by VAC. This June is going to rock! Even more so with all the money that will be raised to fight pediatric cancer.

Song of the day: The many voices of Alan Oppenheimer

This one isn’t a song. This video includes many of the iconic voice roles that made Oppenheimer famous.

Bonus Song: Skeletor Memes!

Again, not a song. But this video rocks. I love memes and have made many myself (including using Skeletor). In this video, Oppenheimer does Skeletor voiceovers to Skeletor memes. I love the things I can find on YouTube!

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