My youngest son and I at SiouxperCon in 2019.

The premier event for geeks and nerds in South Dakota, SiouxperCon, will be held September 11th through the 13th in 2020. I would urge anyone living even remotely close to Sioux Falls to put these dates in your calendar and plan to attend. As the year goes on, I’ll blog about SiouxperCon. But for now, I just wanted to be sure everyone possible is saving the date. SiouxperCon 2019 rocked, and I expect Siouxpercon 2020 (officially called SiouxperCon Vol. 5) to be even better (how can you go wrong with a Guardians of the Galaxy theme). You can also help out the SiouxperCon staff by letting them know you are going or interested on their Facebook event page

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