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On June 27th, the nonprofit Voices Against Cancer (VAC) will be hosting a Voices Against Cancer Initiative event in Sioux Falls. This event will have several iconic voice actors raising money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s battle to end childhood cancers. A little over a month ago, VAC announced their first guest: iconic voice actor Frank Welker. I would use this post to share a few of my favorite voices provided by Welker.

Some of Welker’s voices

Frank Welker has a long list of iconic sounds. There are too many for me to blog about in one post. Here are just a few of the iconic voices Welker has voiced from shows I happen to like:

  • Fred Jones on Scooby-Doo. Eventually, he became the voice of Scoob!
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk in the early 80’s Super Friends. Episodes with Mr. Mxyzptlk were great. Even all these years later, I can hear Myx tormenting the Super Friends.
  • Uni on Dungeons and Dragons. This was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. He also voiced Tiamat in the series.
  • Slimer and Ray Stantz on the Real Ghostbusters. As a huge Ghostbusters fan, I am very excited to meet the voice of Slimer! He also later did the voice of Ray Stantz for Extreme Ghostbusters.
  • Niddler on Pirates of Dark Water. This is a series I wish could have run until its conclusion. It was a very cool animation and probably one of the best storylines for an ongoing cartoon. Weirdly the monkey-bird creature Niddler was initially voiced by famed British actor Roddy McDowall, but later was replaced by Welker.
  • Animaniacs!! Welker did a lot of voices for Animaniacs. Ralph the Guard and Thaddeus Plotz are probably two of my favorites. Plus, his Bill Clinton voice used on this series is just too darn good!
  • Nibbler on Futurama. Actually, I wonder if somehow him doing the voice of a weird creature called Nibbler somehow ties back to him doing the voice for a weird creature named Niddler.
  • Stripe in the Gremlins movie. Gremlins is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies (behind Die Hard), and Stripe was such a great bad guy.
  • Welker has done many, many, many animal voices. One of the coolest is that of a Mastadge, an animal found on Abydos in the movie Stargate.
  • Tommy Boy is one of the greatest comedies from the 90’s. And Welker voiced the deer from one of the funniest scenes in that movie!

My favorite Welker scream

While researching Welker, I found out he also has ties to Star Trek. Specifically, Welker voiced the scream from young Spock in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. These screams were being handled by Leonard Nimoy (Spock) before Welker came in.

Actually, this happened to be the second time Welker took over for Nimoy for a voice. Originally Leonard Nimoy had voiced Galvatron in the original Transformers movie. Welker took over for the voice of Galvatron in the series. I wonder if Welker ever did any Nimoy voices saying something like, “I’m a doctor, not a transformer.”

Best of the Decepticon voices

Soundwave Hasbro box art. Picture embedded from Wikimedia Commons.

When it all comes down to it, though, my favorite Welker voices go back to his work with Transformers. He is probably most famously known as the voice for the original Megatron. And I will admit Megatron is my second favorite villain of all cartoons (my favorite will be the subject of another post having to do with VAC).

But Megatron is not my favorite Welker Transformers voice. Instead, that honor goes to Soundwave. I remember hearing Soundwave speak as a young boy, and I thought that was the coolest voice for a robot ever. Even today, I tend to compare all robot voices with Soundwave. It was just so cool of a sound and seemed so futuristic. Actually, a lot of other robot voices he does seem to derive from Soundwave.

VAC promo for Frank Welker

Voices Against Cancer shared this video on their YouTube channel to promote Welker being a part of the vent. This vid has just a few voices Welker has done over the decades.

Stay tuned for more

At the time of this post, a total of three voice actors have been announced by Voices Against Cancer. In the coming weeks, I plan to do posts about each of the guests. Plus, I hope to have some content relating to other charity events and geek groups around South Dakota.

Song of the Day: The many voices of Frank Welker

OK, this really isn’t a song. But this video rocks! Watch this video to see a few of the great voices Welker has done over the years.

Bonus Song: Scooby Doo does Batman

Ok, once again this is not a song. Instead this is a clip from the Scooby-Doo & Guess Who series. In this clip Welker is voicing Scooby-Doo, who is imitating Batman. How cool!

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