This last Saturday, the annual MallWalk for LifeScape occurred at the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls. This annual walk is a significant fundraiser for LifeScape, a wonderful organization doing great things for the community. I am proud to say the geek community was well represented. I attended the event as part of the South Dakota Ghostbusters. In this post, I will share some photos from the event. 

On a side-note, my son Ashton was my photographer. He did a great job. Unfortunately, many pictures were lost. But that had to do with a corrupt SD card and not anything Ashton did. I am glad that I somehow managed to recover some good pics.

Best picture of the day

I was amazed when I saw how much money was raised by the mall walk. In my wildest dreams, I would not have imagined over ninety-three thousand dollars would be raised for this great cause!

Mall walk money raised. Photo by Ashton Santema.

Gallery of the other pictures

Here is a gallery of some pictures taken. I am very proud of the geek community for supporting organizations such as LifeScape.

Stay tuned for more!

This is the first of many posts I hope to do highlighting what geek groups are doing for charitable causes in South Dakota. If anyone has pictures from any such events, I would love to share them! The best thing to come out of the LifeScape MallWalk was the $93k raised for a great cause!

Song of the Day: Ghostbusters

OK, I used Ghostbusters as a song of the day in my previous post. So I would share this heavy metal cover by Heavy Metal Heroes.

Bonus Song: Now I’m a Believer

Since there was a Fiona at this event, I couldn’t help but get this song in my head.

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