Welcome to my new blog. In this post, I will explain what drove me to start this blog. Additionally, I will briefly discuss some plans for the SD Charity Geek blog. (yes, I can get long-winded, I promise to keep this post short!)

The reason for SD Charity Geek

Highlighting the things geeks and nerds do that make them superheroes.

First, I should note that I am a lifelong geek. Comics, sci-fi, D&D, and wrestling are just a few areas I consider myself to be overly geeky. For the last decade or so, I have suppressed most of my geekiness. Mostly this was due to being busy with family, work, and life in general. All that changed a little over a year ago when I received my cancer diagnosis, and I thought I was about to die.

From that point on, I vowed to do all I could to help others with cancer. That is part of the reason I started a blog called Dad Against Cancer. By sharing my story, I found others going through the same thing feel comfort knowing they are not alone. At the same time, I decided to rediscover my geeky roots and delved into the world of comics, sci-fi, and D&D once again. In doing so, I became a member of the SD Ghostbusters, a charity cosplay group. 

It’s hard to explain just how much being a member of the SD Ghostbusters has done for me. Part of what the SD Ghostbusters does is raise money for charity. Which is good, and I’m proud of the group for that. But an even more significant impact the group has upon me is bringing joy to the faces of children as we pose with them. My next post (sometime later this week) will include pictures from an event we did this previous weekend. My heart was full of happiness the whole event as I saw the joy on faces of the children we were there to help. No price can be placed upon the pure joy we brought to those kids.

Now I want to dedicate the remainder of my life to helping as many kids as I can. I will continue to be a member of the SD Ghostbusters and, hopefully, some other cosplay charity groups in the future. But I think I can use my blogging experience to draw more attention to the many ways geeks and nerds are genuinely helping make South Dakota a better place through charity work.

Plans for this site

Since I blabbed too much in the previous section, I will keep this one short. Among other things, this site will be used to highlight the following:

  • Cosplay groups raising money for charity
  • Cosplay groups bringing joy to children with medical conditions
  • Geek and nerd events that raise money for charity
    • Siouxpercon and Voices Against Cancer are two examples
  • Geek Superheroes that go above and beyond to bring joy to children with medical conditions
    • Sioux Falls Batman is a perfect example of this
  • Any cancer charity that I can find even a small hint of geekiness or nerdiness involved.
  • Anything else I think the geek and nerd charity community would find interesting

In the future, I hope to have additional authors on this blog. For instance, if someone from a Star Wars cosplay group did a great event, I would love it if they wrote a post about the event and shared some pictures for the rest of the world to see.

Finally, I plan to add a podcast later on this summer. In the beginning, this podcast will focus mostly on significant events and geek superheroes. But who knows where it will go.

Better wrap it up

This post was much longer than planned. I look forward to this new blog adventure and welcome any ideas from the community for this blog. Since I am fairly new to the scene in Sioux Falls I don’t know all of the cosplay groups yet. But I hope to meet with many of them and highlight the great work they have been doing.

Song of the Day: A New Hope

Anyone following my other blogs probably already know I love music! Usually I try to include a song or two with each post. This blog will be no different. To kick of this blog I thought Binary Sunest composed by John Williams was appropriate. To me this blog represents a new hope, and well the song was made for Star Wars: A New Hope.

Bonus Song: Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk

OK, I don’t generally like disco and think it is better left in the 70’s. But… Who doesn’t like this classic by Meco. I actually owned this on vinyl as a kid and loved it! Even today it is one part of Disco I don’t mind sticking around.

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